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Adding Comments During Recording
Use comments to document the script and to help you find your way around the
script if you later need to edit it. Comments are ignored at compile time and during
In VU, a comment begins with the characters
and ends with the characters
--for example:
/* This is a VU comment. */
In Visual Basic, comments begin with a single quotation mark:
'This is a Visual Basic comment.
In SQABasic, comments begin with a single quotation mark or the
'This is an SQABasic comment.
Rem This is an SQABasic comment.
Adding Comments During Recording
To insert a comment into a script during recording:
1. If the Session Insert floating toolbar is not already displayed, click the Insert
button on the Session Record floating toolbar.
2. Click the Comment button at that point in the script where you want to insert
the comment.
3. Type your comment in the Comment dialog box (60 characters maximum), and
then click OK.
When you add a comment during recording, the comment is reported as an
annotation in the Annotations window.
Adding Comments During Editing
To add a comment during editing, type the comment directly into the script.
Comments that you type in manually during editing are not limited to the
60-character maximum that applies when you add comments during recording.