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Glossary - baseline results

The software being tested. See also system-under-test.
baseline results.
A persistent snapshot of data that is assumed to be correct and is used as the
expected data object in a static verification point.
bean class.
Class that actually implements the bean's business methods.
black-box testing.
Tests that rely on a requirements definition or functional description of the
application-under-test. A record and playback tool, such as Robot, is an example of a
black-box testing tool.
class invariant.
A set of rules that hold true when an object is in a stable state. The class
invariant consists of a list of requirements on the data in a class. See also Design by Contract,
precondition, and postcondition.
collaboration diagram.
An interaction diagram that shows the sequence of messages that
implement an operation or a transaction. Collaboration diagrams and sequence diagrams are
alternate representations of an interaction. Collaboration diagrams show objects, their links,
and their messages. They can also contain simple class instances and class utility instances.
Each collaboration diagram provides a view of the interactions or structural relationships that
occur between objects and object-like entities in the current model.
container-managed persistence.
With container-managed persistence, the container is
responsible for synchronizing the fields in an entity bean with data in a database.
context factory.
A Java object that contains the JNDI information required by a naming
data-driven testing.
A type of software testing that tests code with specific input and output
values. With data-driven testing, test code is separated from test data. Data-driven tests are
often used to compare expected and actual output values. See also functional testing.
database verification point.
A type of verification point used with Rational QualityArchitect.
The database verification point tests the results of a SQL statement.
A source of test data that test scripts can draw from during playback. You can
generate datapools using the Datapool Manager, or you can derive datapools from other
sources such as your database.
Design By Contract.
A programming methodology based on three important concepts:
preconditions, postconditions, and a class invariant.
entity bean.
An object representation of persistent data that is maintained in a permanent
data store, such as a database. A primary key identifies each instance of an entity bean. Entity
beans typically model business concepts that can be expressed as nouns, such as a customer or
a bank account. Entity beans are transactional, and they are recoverable following a system