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<< Checkpoint Summary | XML Checkpoint Results >>

Understanding XML Checkpoint Results Window

Understanding the XML Checkpoint Results Window
This section provides a short description about each of the different parts of the Test Results window as
they relate specifically to the XML Checkpoint, the XML Viewer and the different options available in
the XML Viewer.
In the standard Test Results window that appears after execution, your XML Checkpoint will be
displayed in the Tree Pane with a pass or fail check. Upon selecting the XML Checkpoint entry in the
tree, the summary pane will update with the basic status information. The detail pane below it will now
have a button to invoke the XML Viewer in order to see the details about the XML file and what caused
the failure.
If the checkpoint passed, then the detail pane will not have the XML Viewer unless you have specified
"always" for the "Save step screen capture to test results" setting in the Options window > Run tab.
Should you want to see the expected results, then return to the the QuickTest Test Script, select the
checkpoint and view its properties.