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<< Action Call Properties | Expand Test >>
<< Action Call Properties | Expand Test >>
Running a Multi-action Test
Lesson 8 Dividing Tests into Multiple Actions
Running and Analyzing a Multi-action Test
You will now run the ActionB test. The entire test will run only once, but the
FlightOrder action will run twice; one time for each set of data in the Copy
of FlightOrder
data sheet.
1 Run the ActionB test.
Confirm that all Web browsers are closed.
Click Run or choose Test > Run. The Run dialog box opens.
Select New run results folder and accept the default results folder name.
Click OK. When the test run is completed, the Test Results window opens.
2 Examine the test results.
Examine the Results Summary. The test is marked as Done. This indicates
that the test ran without any failures (there were no checkpoints to "pass").