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<< To enable parameterization | Understanding Parameter Types >>
<< To enable parameterization | Understanding Parameter Types >>

Defining Parameters

Working with VuGen Defining Parameters
Creating Vuser Scripts
Chapter 5, page 57
Defining Parameters
To utilize parameterization, you must first define a parameter. You define a
parameter in the Parameter List dialog box and you specify its name, source, and
description. There is no limit to the number of parameters you can define for your
To define and use a parameter:
Place the cursor on the text to parameterize and perform a right mouse click.
Replace with a New Parameter
. The New Parameter dialog box opens.
Type a name for the parameter in the Parameter Name box.
Select a parameter type from the menu list (File, Group Name, Host Name, Vuser
ID, Date/Time, Random, Unique Number, or Iteration Number). For information on
the data types and their properties, see
Understanding Parameter Types
page 61.