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<< Defining Parameters | To enable parameterization >>

About Defining Parameters

Working with VuGen Defining Parameters
Creating Vuser Scripts
Chapter 5, page 55
About Defining Parameters
When you record a business process with VuGen, it records the actual values that
you entered during the recording session.
For example, in following database application, VuGen recorded a statement that
populated the
table with the id of 121 and the name "Tom".
When you replay the script using multiple Vusers and loops, you do not want to
repeatedly use the same values, 121 and Tom. Instead, you replace the constant
values with parameters.
In subsequent runs, the Vuser substitutes the parameter with values from a source
that you specify. The data source can be a file or other internally generated
variables. For more information about data sources, see
Parameter Types
on page 61.
lrd_stmt(Csr1, "insert into employees (id, name) values (121,'Tom')", ...);
lrd_stmt(Csr1,"insert into employees (id,name) values (<id>,<f_name>)". );