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<< Obtaining Vuser Information | For example >>

Sending Messages to Output

Creating Vuser Scripts
Chapter 4, page 48
Working with VuGen Enhancing Vuser Scripts
Sending Messages to Output
When you run a scenario, the Controller's Output window displays valuable
information about script execution. You can include statements in each script to
send error and notification messages to the Controller--which the Controller will
display in the Output window. For example, you could insert a message that
displays the current state of the client application. You can also save these
messages to a file.
: Do not to send messages from within a transaction. Doing so lengthens the
transaction execution time and may skew the actual transaction results.
You can use the following message functions in your Vuser scripts:
Sends an error message to the output window.
Sends a special notification to the output window.
Sends an output message directly to a file,
, located in the Vuser script directory.
This function is useful in preventing output
messages from interfering with TCP/IP traffic.
Generates and prints formatted output to the
Controller Vuser status area.