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<< Data-table parameterization | Record a basic script >>

Introducing Data-table Parameterization

Creating Vuser Scripts
Chapter 23, page 386
Web Vuser Scripts Parameterizing a Web Vuser Script
Introducing Data-table Parameterization
With data-table parameterization you use a data table to assign values to your
parameterized arguments. Each Vuser script has an associated data table.
Each row in the data table represents the values that QuickTest submits for all the
parameterized arguments during a single iteration of the script. For example, a
script associated with a table that has ten rows, can run ten iterations.
Each column in the table represents the list of values for a single parameterized
Working directly in the data table, you can edit and delete existing values, as well
as add additional rows of arguments. You can also import data directly into a data
table. For more details, see
Editing Information in the Data Table
on page 395.