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<< About VuGen | Each Vuser script >>

Recording Vuser Scripts with VuGen

Working with VuGen Introducing VuGen
Creating Vuser Scripts
Chapter 2, page 15
Recording Vuser Scripts with VuGen
You use VuGen to develop a Vuser script by recording a user performing typical
business processes on a client application. VuGen creates the script by recording
the activity between the client and the server. For example, in database
applications, VuGen monitors the client end of the database and traces all the
requests sent to, and received from, the database server.
Instead of manually creating a Vuser script by programming the application's API
function calls to the server, you use VuGen to:
monitor the communication between the application and the server
generate the required function calls
insert the generated function calls into a Vuser script
client running
an application