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Using Text-Based Web Vuser Scripts

Creating Vuser Scripts
Chapter 18, page 320
Web Vuser Scripts Introducing Web Vuser Scripts
Using Text-Based Web Vuser Scripts
After you record a browser session, QuickTest displays the recorded Vuser script
in graphical mode. In place of the graphical Vuser script, you can view a text-
based version of the Vuser script.
To display the text-based representation of the Vuser script:
From the QuickTest main menu, select View > Expert Mode. The Vuser script is
displayed in text-based mode. A check mark is displayed next to Expert Mode on
the View menu.
You can use QuickTest to view and edit the text-based Vuser script. You can scroll
through the script and see the web statements that were generated by your
browser application, and you can make changes to the script as required.
Note: If you make changes to a text-based Vuser script, QuickTest makes the
corresponding changes to the graphical view of the Vuser script. In certain
circumstances, QuickTest may be unable to update the graphical view of the Vuser
script with the changes that you make to the text-based script. In such
circumstances, QuickTest displays a warning.