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Database Vuser scripts

Introducing Vuser Scripts Developing Vuser Scripts
Creating Vuser Scripts
Chapter 1, page 7
Developing Vuser Scripts
The structure and content of a Vuser script differ from one Vuser type to another.
For example, Database Vuser scripts always have three sections, are written in a
code that resembles C, and include SQL calls to a database server. In contrast,
GUI Vuser scripts have only one section, and are written in TSL (test script
The following diagram outlines the process of developing a Vuser script.
In cor p or at e t h e Vuser scr ip t
in t o a Load Run n er scen ar io
Run t h e Vuser scr i p t in
st an d -alon e m od e
Con f i g ur e Run -Ti m e set t in g s
En h an ce/ ed i t t h e Vuser
scr ip t
Recor d a b asic Vuser scr ip t