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<< Recording the Log Off Procedure | Automatic Transactions >>

Setting the Recording Options

Creating Vuser Scripts
Chapter 15, page 270
RTE Vuser Scripts Recording RTE Vuser Scripts
Setting the Recording Options
By setting the recording options, you can customize the code that VuGen
generates for RTE functions. You use the Recording Options dialog box to set the
recording options. To open the Recording Options dialog box, select Vuser >
Recording Options.
Automatic Screen Header Comments (IBM terminals only)
You can instruct VuGen to automatically generate screen header comments while
recording a Vuser script, and insert the comments into the script. Generated
comments make a recorded script easier to read by identifying each new screen
as it is displayed in the terminal emulator. A generated comment contains the text
that appears on the first line of the terminal emulator window. The following
generated comment shows that the Office Tasks screen was displayed in the
terminal emulator:
To ensure that VuGen automatically generates comments while you record a script,
select the "Generate screen header comments" check box in the Recording
Options dialog box.
By default, VuGen does not automatically generate screen comments.
/* OFCTSK Office Tasks */