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<< Developing Vuser Scripts | the LoadRunner testing process >>
<< Developing Vuser Scripts | the LoadRunner testing process >>

Introducing Vusers

Introducing Vuser Scripts Developing Vuser Scripts
Creating Vuser Scripts
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Introducing Vusers
LoadRunner replaces human users with
virtual users
. Vusers emulate
the actions of human users by performing typical business processes. Each action
that a Vuser performs submits input to the client/server system. By increasing the
number of Vusers, you increase the load on the system. While a workstation
accommodates only a single human user, many Vusers can run concurrently on a
single workstation.
To emulate conditions of heavy user load, you create a large number of Vusers that
perform a series of tasks. For example, you can observe how a server behaves
when one hundred Vusers simultaneously withdraw cash from a bank's ATMs.
Using LoadRunner, you divide your client/server performance testing requirements
. A scenario defines the events that occur during each testing
session. Thus, for example, a scenario defines and controls the number of users
to emulate, the actions that they perform, and the machines on which they run their