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<< Vuser session | typical data >>

Understanding Data Files

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Chapter 12, page 221
Understanding Data Files
data file has the following format:
File header
A list of buffers and their contents
The file header includes the version number of the data file format. The current
version is 2. If you try to access data from a data file with format version 1, an
error is issued.
An identifier precedes each record, indicating whether the data was received or
sent, followed by the buffer descriptor, and the number of bytes received (for
lrs_receive only). The buffer descriptor contains a number identifying the buffer.
For example,
indicates that the buffer contains data that was received. The record number is 5,
indicating that this receive operation was the sixth data transfer (the index is zero
based), and twenty-five bytes of data were received.
Each descriptor is followed by the actual data in ascii format.
;WSRData 2 1
recv buf5 25