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<< Setting the Think Time Settings | Error Handling >>

About Run-Time Settings

Working with VuGen Configuring Run-Time Settings
Creating Vuser Scripts
Chapter 6, page 87
About Run-Time Settings
After you record a Vuser script, you can customize the way that the script runs by
configuring its run-time settings. These settings are stored in the file
located in the Vuser script directory. Run-time settings are
applied to Vusers when you run a script using VuGen, QuickTest, or the Controller.
Configuring run-time settings allows you to emulate different kinds of Vuser activity.
For example you could emulate a Vuser who runs quickly, or a Vuser who stops and
thinks before each new action. You can also specify how many times the Vuser
should repeat an action.
You configure the settings from the Run-Time Settings dialog box. To display the
Run-Time Settings dialog box, click the Settings button from the main VuGen
window. You can also modify the run-time settings from the LoadRunner Controller.
For more information, refer to the
LoadRunner Controller User's Guide