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<< Load test planning is a three-step process | Oracle Database Server >>
<< Load test planning is a three-step process | Oracle Database Server >>

Identifying System Components

Understanding LoadRunner Load Test Planning
LoadRunner Controller User's Guide (Windows)
Chapter 3, page 46
Analyzing the Client/Server System
The first step to load test planning is analyzing the client/server system. You should
become thoroughly familiar with the hardware and software components, the
system configuration, and the typical usage model. This analysis ensures that the
testing environment you create using LoadRunner will accurately reflect the
environment and configuration of the system under test.
Identifying System Components
Draw a schematic diagram to illustrate the structure of the client/server system. If
possible, extract a schematic diagram from existing documentation. If the system
under test is part of a larger network system, you should identify the component of
the system to be tested. Make sure the diagram includes all system components,
such as client machines, network, middleware, and servers.
The following diagram illustrates a chain of 60 clothing stores. The clothing stores
and clothing distributors each connect to the same database to update the stock
information and to check prices. The distributors connect to the database server
through the branch office LAN, and the clothing stores connect through a wide area
network to the LAN.