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<< Load Test Planning | Load test planning is a three-step process >>
<< Load Test Planning | Load test planning is a three-step process >>

About Load Test Planning

Understanding LoadRunner Load Test Planning
LoadRunner Controller User's Guide (Windows)
Chapter 3, page 44
About Load Test Planning
As in any type of system testing, a well-defined test plan is the first essential step
to successful testing. Planning your load testing helps you to:
Build test scenarios that accurately emulate your working environment.
Load testing means testing your client/server system under typical working
conditions, and checking for system performance, reliability, capacity, etc.
Understand which resources are required for testing.
Client/server testing requires hardware, software, and human resources. Before
you begin testing, you should know which resources are available and decide how
to use them effectively.
Define success criteria in measurable terms.
Focused testing goals and test criteria ensure successful testing. For example, it's
not enough to define vague objectives like "Check server response time under
heavy load." A more focused success criteria would be "Check that 50 customers
can check their account balance simultaneously, and that the server response
time will not exceed one minute."