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Updating the IDAPI Settings

LoadRunner Controller User's Guide (Windows)
Updating the IDAPI Settings
LoadRunner uses the Borland Database Engine (BDE) during performance
analysis. When you start the Analysis tool, LoadRunner checks that the
BDE­IDAPI settings on your computer are correct. To do so, LoadRunner verifies
that the locations are set for the required DLLs and the .
file. The locations are
set in the IDAPI section of your
file (16-bit operating systems) or in the
Registry (32-bit operating systems).
The IDAPI settings may become corrupted. For example, this may occur if you
uninstall another application that uses BDE. You can update the IDAPI settings
from the Analysis window.
To update your IDAPI settings:
Select Analysis > Analysis or click the Analysis button. The Analysis window
Select File > IDAPI Setting. A message is displayed warning you that the current
IDAPI settings will be overwritten.
Click OK. LoadRunner updates the IDAPI settings.