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<< Appendixes | instruct LoadRunner to store run-time data >>
<< Appendixes | instruct LoadRunner to store run-time data >>

Performing Path Translation

Performing Path Translation
LoadRunner Controller User's Guide (Windows)
Performing Path Translation
When you run a scenario, LoadRunner gathers run-time data from the participating
Vusers. By default, LoadRunner stores the data in temporary files on each Vuser
machine. After the scenario, the data is collated in the general results directory.
Alternatively, you can instruct LoadRunner to write the run-time data directly to a
shared network drive. (See Chapter 9,
Configuring a Scenario
. ) This method is
not recommended, since it increases network traffic and necessitates path
Understanding Path Translation
Path Translation is a mechanism used by LoadRunner to convert a remote path
name for the Controller. A typical scenario might have the LoadRunner Controller
running on a Windows-based machine (under Windows NT) and include multiple
Vusers running on both Windows-based and UNIX hosts. One remote host may
map the network drive as
, while another host maps the same drive as
. In a
complex scenario such as this, you need to ensure that all participating machines
recognize the same network drive.