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<< Pausing the Monitor | Chart and Axes Titles >>

Configuring the Resource Chart

Monitoring Resource Monitoring
LoadRunner Controller User's Guide (Windows)
Chapter 19, page 309
Configuring the Resource Chart
You can customize your chart in the following areas:
chart time
sample rate
chart and axes titles
background style
Note that these settings are global--they apply to all graphs displayed in the chart.
Chart Time
You can modify the time on the chart's
. By default, the
shows 60
seconds of activity. To see the graph in greater detail, decrease the chart time. To
view the performance over a longer period of time, increase the chart time.
Sampling Rate
The sampling rate is the period of time between consecutive samples. By default,
the Resource Monitor samples the data at intervals of one second. You can
decrease the sampling rate, so that data is monitored less frequently. Decreasing
the sample rate can result in a less accurate graph, but in certain instances a
slower rate is preferable.