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Cross-Scenario Analysis

Analyzing Test Results Cross-Scenario Analysis
LoadRunner Controller User's Guide (Windows)
Chapter 16, page 266
About Cross-Scenario Analysis
Cross-scenario analysis enables you to compare the results of multiple scenario
runs. LoadRunner can superimpose the generated results onto a single cross-
scenario graph. On this graph, you can compare the performance of the server
during multiple scenarios. Cross-scenario analysis is useful for:
benchmarking hardware
testing software versions
determining system capacity
Suppose that you want to benchmark two hardware configurations. You run the
same scenario with both configurations and compare the transaction response
times using a single cross-scenario graph.
Suppose that your vendor claims that a new software version is optimized to run
quicker than a previous version. You can verify this claim by running the same
scenario on both versions of the software, and comparing the scenario results.
You can also use cross-scenario graphs to determine your system's capacity. You
run scenarios using different numbers of Vusers running the same script. By
analyzing the cross-scenario graphs, you can determine the number of users that
cause unacceptable response times.