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<< Manual Testing Limitations | Using LoadRunner >>
<< Manual Testing Limitations | Using LoadRunner >>

The LoadRunner Solution

Understanding LoadRunner Introduction
LoadRunner Controller User's Guide (Windows)
Chapter 1, page 23
The LoadRunner Solution
The LoadRunner automated solution addresses the drawbacks of manual
performance testing:
LoadRunner reduces the personnel requirements by replacing human users with
virtual users or
. These Vusers emulate the behavior of real users--
operating real applications.
Because numerous Vusers can run on a single computer, LoadRunner reduces
the hardware requirements.
The LoadRunner Controller allows you to easily and effectively control all the
Vusers--from a single point of control.
LoadRunner automatically records the performance of the client/server system
during a test. You can choose from a wide variety of graphs and reports how you
want to view the performance data.
LoadRunner checks where performance delays occur: network or client delays,
CPU performance, I/O delays, database locking, or other issues at the database
server. LoadRunner monitors the network and server resources to help you
improve performance.
Because LoadRunner tests are fully automated, you can easily repeat them as
often as you need.