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<< Changing the Granularity of the X-axis for a Graph | Report Header >>

Working with Analysis Reports

Analyzing Test Results Understanding LoadRunner Analysis
LoadRunner Controller User's Guide (Windows)
Chapter 13, page 218
Working with Analysis Reports
In order to view a report, you must generate the report from the LoadRunner
Analysis window. LoadRunner reports are displayed in a Report Viewer. You can
print, save, or export the data using the viewer.
Selecting and Displaying Reports
When you run a scenario, LoadRunner stores the scenario results in the specified
directory. When you run the analysis, LoadRunner processes the data and formats
them into a database. The formatted data is used to generate reports and graphs.
You can instruct LoadRunner to run the analysis automatically at the end of a
scenario by selecting Results > Auto Load Analysis.
To display reports:
Select Results > Analyze Results, or click the Analysis button. The Analysis
window opens.
From the Reports menu choose a report. The report is generated and displayed.
You can display multiple copies of the same report.
The Report Viewer
Each report is displayed in its own report viewer. Each viewer contains a header
and a toolbar.