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<< Viewing UNIX Vusers | About Viewing UNIX Vusers >>

About Viewing UNIX Vusers

Running a Scenario Viewing UNIX Vusers
LoadRunner Controller User's Guide (Windows)
Chapter 11, page 175
About Viewing UNIX Vusers
You can view GUI and RTE Vusers that are running on UNIX machines. When you
view a Vuser, you see the actual operations that the Vuser performs as it operates
its application. When you view GUI Vusers, you can see button clicks, selections
from lists, text entry, etc. When you view RTE Vusers, you can see the text that is
submitted by the Vusers, and the resulting responses from their applications.
You can view only active Vusers, i.e. Vusers in any of the following states:
. You can view Vusers on any display of your choice.
This increases your flexibility to control the entire scenario from a single location.
You set default attributes for the remote display that apply to the entire scenario.
The display attributes include the shadow display, the window manager, and
terminal emulator. After setting the default attributes for the scenario, you can
override the attributes for individual Vusers.