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<< Enabling Hosts | Creating a Script List >>

Creating a Multi-Platform Host List

Creating a Scenario Creating a Host List
LoadRunner Controller User's Guide (Windows)
Chapter 5, page 105
Creating a Multi-Platform Host List
You can add both UNIX and Windows machines to the host list. When you create
a multi-platform scenario, information located on one machine may be inaccessible
to other machines. LoadRunner's Path-Translation table enables many different
machines and platforms to share information. For more information on the Path-
Translation table, see Chapter 6,
Creating a Script List
Saving and Loading the Default Host List
Using LoadRunner, you can save a host list as the standard (default) list of hosts
for creating scenarios. When you create a scenario, you then adapt the default list
to the needs of the new scenario.
You can save the host list currently displayed in the Host window as the default host
list. You can use this list each time you want to create a new scenario.
To save the host list as the default:
Choose Host > Save List As Default.
To load the default host list:
Choose Host > Load Default List. The default host list appears in the Host
window, together with any host previously displayed.