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<< Contents | Selenium IDE >>
Today’s companies have started to realize the advantages of test automation. Test automation will
reduce regression testing time, limit repetitive work and it gives testers the opportunity to do some
real thinking about more complex test scenarios.
Selenium is a tool that interacts with browsers. We can divide Selenium in two parts.
Selenium IDE comes as a FireFox add-on and can be used to get familiar with test automation
and furthermore to create quick bug reproduction scripts. (IDE stands for Integrated Devel-
opment Environment)
Selenium WebDriver is a collection of language specific bindings to drive a browser and can
be used to create robust/maintainable browser-based automation scripts.
As a Technical Test Consultant I visit many companies to support them with test automation. More
frequently Test Engineers working in those companies are starting to automate repetitive tasks.
Nevertheless, they find it hard to start and structure their Selenium test automation project.
Therefore, I wrote this book to give some guidance in test automation. This book does not provide the
silver bullet for writing automated tests, but it gives some hands-on tutorials on writing automated