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The SOA Quality Company

Jim Murphy is Vice President of Product
Management at Mindreef, with more than
10 years experience designing, implement-
ing, testing and debugging distributed soft-
ware architectures using Java, .NET, C++
and XML. Prior to Mindreef, he was an
independent consultant, working with
companies building distributed systems focused on DCOM and
high-performance XML based messaging. He also served as a
director, software architect and senior software engineer at sev-
eral product and consulting organizations including Aspen Tech-
nology, Foliage Software Systems, TransactionWorks, and
WWWhoosh, the Excelergy Corporation. Jim holds a BASc in
Engineering from the University of Waterloo.

Jim has authored articles for trade publications, including
Software Test & Performance Magazine, and has spoken about
Web services and SOA testing and quality at key industry events
including Software Development Best Practices.
Mindreef, Inc., The SOA Quality CompanyTM, is a leading provider
of integrated software solutions for the successful development
of Web services, enabling organizations to meet their goals for
high-quality SOA adoption. The Mindreef award-winning family
of SOAPscopeŽ products enable project teams, architects, appli-
cation developers, testers, managers, operations, and support
staff to build, deploy, and maintain software for an SOA. More
than 3,000 customers at more than 1,200 organizations world-
wide, including 40 of the Fortune 100, use Mindreef products.

Mindreef SOAPscope products were developed through the
understanding that SOA quality goes well beyond the quality of
individual components such as Web services. Mindreef helps
organizations ensure quality as their SOA teams define, imple-
ment, integrate, test and deploy Web services and composite