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WLAN standards-11a,11b,11g,11n,11ac

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WLAN standards-11a,11b,11g,11n,11ac

802.11 WLAN standards which include 802.11a,11b,11g,11n,802.11ac,11ad standards as per IEEE WLAN specifications.It covers both PHY and MAC layers.
Protocols in 802.11 standards
IEEE 802.11-1997 standard- Describes PHY and MAC layers of WLAN standard.
IEEE 802.11a-1999 standard- Describes 11a PHY and MAC layers. Read WLAN 11a PHY layer. /Articles/Overview_of_11a_PHY_layer.html
IEEE 802.11b-1999 standard Describes 11b PHY and MAC layers. Read WLAN 11b PHY layer.
IEEE 802.11g-2003 standard Describes 11g PHY and MAC layers.
IEEE 802.11-2007 standard Describes 802.11 PHY and MAC layers.
IEEE 802.11n-2009 standard Describes WLAN 11n PHY and MAC layers.
IEEE 802.11ac standard Describes WLAN 11ac PHY and MAC layers.

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