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What Is Selenium WebDriver/Selenium 2?

Selenium WebDriver Interview question and Answers

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What Is Selenium WebDriver/Selenium 2?

Selenium WebDriver Is well designed object oriented API which Is developed to automate web and mobile applications testing process. WebDriver API Is bigger than Selenium RC but It's Architecture Is simple and easy to understand compared Selenium RC API.

We can automate our web application testing process using selenium webdriver.
We can say It advanced version of selenium RC because some limitations of selenium RC has been overcome In selenium WebDriver.
WebDriver Is designed to provide better support for dynamic changing pages. Example : Web page elements changing without reloading the page. In this case WebDriver works better.
Selenium Webdriver Is more faster that Selenium RC as It Is directly Interacting with web browsers and mimic the behavior of a real user. Example : User clicks on button of web page or moving mouse on main menu to get the sub menu list. WebDriver works Same.
All popular browser vendors are active participants In selenium WebDriver's development and all of them have their own engineers team to Improve this framework.
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