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Selenium WebDriver - What are the benefits of automation testing.

Selenium WebDriver Interview question and Answers

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Selenium WebDriver - What are the benefits of automation testing.

We can get bellow given benefits If automate our testing process.
Fast Test Execution : Manual testing process Is time consuming. Automation tests are faster and takes less time to execute tests compared to manual test execution.
Re-usability Of Test Cases : You need to prepare automation test cases only one time. Then you can use same test cases for all upcoming version release of software application. However you need to modify your test cases If there Is any flow change of business logic changes In software. But It Is less time consuming.
Testing Cost Reduction : You have to put human efforts only one time to automate your test process. Latter on automation tool will work for you at place of human resource.
Better Test Coverage In Each Version Release: You have to Implement test scenarios only once In your automation test cases. Latter on you can execute same test cases In all upcoming release. So each scenarios will be tested In every version release.
Easy For Compatibility Testing : It Is easy to run same tests In combination of different OS and browser environments using automation tools.

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