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What is Hazard Mitigation

Hazard Mitigation Test

What is Hazard Mitigation

The term "Hazard Mitigation" describes actions that can help reduce or eliminate long-term risks caused by natural hazards, or disaster, such as floods, hurricanes, wildfires, tornadoes and earthquakes. After disasters, repairs and reconstruction are often completed in such a way as to simply restore damaged property to pre-disaster conditions. These efforts may expedite a return to normalcy, but the replication of pre-disaster conditions often results in a repetitive cycle of damage, reconstruction, and repeated damage. Hazard mitigation is needed to break this repetitive cycle by producing less vulnerable conditions through post-disaster repairs and reconstruction. The implementation of such hazard mitigation actions now by state and local governments means building stronger, safer and smarter communities that will be able to reduce future injuries and future damage

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