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Test scenario

Glossary of Software QA/Testing

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Test scenario

The terms "test scenario" and "test case" are often used synonymously. Test scenarios are test cases or test scripts, and the sequence in which they are to be executed. Test scenarios are test cases that ensure that all business process flows are tested from end to end. Test scenarios are independent tests, or a series of tests that follow each other, where each of them dependent upon the output of the previous one. Test scenarios are prepared by reviewing functional requirements, and preparing logical groups of functions that can be further broken into test procedures. Test scenarios are designed to represent both typical and unusual situations that may occur in the application. Test engineers define unit test requirements and unit test scenarios. Test engineers also execute unit test scenarios. It is the test team that, with assistance of developers and clients, develops test scenarios for integration and system testing. Test scenarios are executed through the use of test procedures or scripts. Test procedures or scripts define a series of steps necessary to perform one or more test scenarios. Test procedures or scripts may cover multiple test scenarios.

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