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Glossary of Software QA/Testing

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In software QA or software testing, a parameter is an item of information - such as a name, number, or selected option - that is passed to a program, by a user or another program. By definition, in software, a parameter is a value on which something else depends. Any desired numerical value may be given as a parameter. In software development, we use parameters when we want to allow a specified range of variables. We use parameters when we want to differentiate behavior or pass input data to computer programs or their subprograms. Thus, when we are testing, the parameters of the test can be varied to produce different results, because parameters do affect the operation of the program receiving them.
Example 1: We use a parameter, such as temperature, that defines a system. In this definition, it is temperature that defines the system and determines its behavior.
Example 2: In the definition of function f(x) = x + 10, x is a parameter. In this definition, x defines the f(x) function and determines its behavior. Thus, when we are testing, x can be varied to make f(x) produce different values, because the value of x does affect the value of f(x).
When parameters are passed to a function subroutine, they are called arguments.

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