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Exit criteria

The "exit criteria" is a checklist, sometimes known as the "PDR sign-off sheet". It is a list of peer design review related tasks that have to be done by the facilitator or attendees of the PDR, either during or near the conclusion of the PDR.
By having a checklist, and by going through the checklist, the facilitator can verify that A) all attendees have inspected all the relevant documents and reports, B) all suggestions and recommendations for each issue have been recorded, and C) all relevant facts of the meeting have been recorded.
The facilitator's checklist includes the following questions:
* Have we inspected all the relevant documents, code blocks, or products?
* Have we completed all the required checklists?
* Have I recorded all the facts relevant to this peer review?
* Does anyone have any additional suggestions, recommendations, or comments?
* What is the outcome of this peer review?
As the end of the PDR, the facilitator asks the attendees to make a decision as to the outcome of the PDR, i.e. "What is our consensus... are we accepting the design (or document or code)?" Or, "Are we accepting it with minor modifications?" Or, "Are we accepting it after it has been modified and approved through e-mails to the attendees?" Or, "Do we want another peer review?" This is a phase, during which the attendees work as a committee, and the committee's decision is final.

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