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What are the benefits of Datawarehousing? - ETL

ETL (extract, transform, and load) Testing Interview Questions

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30.What are the benefits of Datawarehousing? - ETL

The implementation of a data warehouse can provide many benefits to an organization. A data warehouse can :
Facilitate integration in an environment characterized by un–integrated applications.
Integrate enterprise data across a variety of functions.
Integrate external as well as internal data.
Support strategic and long–term business planning.
Support day–to–day tactical decisions.
Enable insight into business trends and business opportunities.
Organize and store historical data needed for analysis.
Make available historical data, extending over many years, which enables trend analysis.
Provide more accurate and complete information.
Improve knowledge about the business.
Enable cost–effective decision making.
Enable organizations to understand their customers, and their needs, as well competitors.
Enhance customer servicc and satisfaction.
Provide competitive advantage.
Provide easy access for end–users.
Provide timely access to corporate information.

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