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Subjective Questions 3

Certified Software Test Engineer (CSTE) Exam

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Subjective Questions 3

1. You gave the software for independent testers. You are responsible for Unit, Integration, System and Acceptance testing. Explain about each testing methods and tell which testing can be given to Independent Testing and Which for development team.
2. Tell about any 3 tools and vendor of the tools.
3. One question on Optimum testing.
4. You developed Risk Plan, Test Plan, Test Scripts. You are doing testing. At this point you got major requirements change. What changes are required to in-corporate these changes in your plan.
5. Explain about Complexity Measures, Data Flow Analysis, Symbolic Execution
6. Acceptance Test Plan for “Inventory Control Software” contents and explanation.
7. What are CSFs. What are the CSFs that u ll look for in a contactor delivered software. Define them.
8. Security Vulnerabilities for e-comm application.
9. E-commerce project is newly developed in your organization. You are not able to test all types of Operating Systems and Browsers. Prepare mitigation plan. 10. Explain V-Model.
11. Reliability and maintainability are certain Quality factors given explicitly in the requirements. If so, list a few other QFs for a web based project and write the rationale for selecting the same.
12. 5 important things you consider for writing test plan, why do you think they are important.
13. The UI for a defect management tool.
14. Difference between Acceptance and System Testing.
15. Mention and write on a few techniques for the defect prevention - internal control testing.
16. 3 important issues for wireless technology.
17. One question on Pareto Charts - Like gave a scenario for no. of critical, minor and major bugs and no. of days to fix the bugs. Analyze the scenario.
18. What are important Quality factors that u will test for in a multiple workstation scenario that u will not do in a single work station scenario.
19. The contents of a system test report.
20. List 5 test metrics and explain how u can use them.
21. Which steps in a testing process are defect prone- explain why?
22. What according to you are the important docs that u would refer when u r testing a change that has been made in a project that has been released.(i.e. operational)
23. What do u mean by defect expectation. How can u use it for improving the testing process.
24. Mention three techniques for unit testing. State an objective for unit testing, Based on those, how will ensure that the unit testing has complied to the expectations.
25. Steps involved in testing for security
26. What are the important things that u ll look for during a demo of a contractor software.
27. How do u use control charts for controlling the testing process. Explain control charts.
28. If the code to be delivered will be delivered after a week but no change in release date, how will you as test manager plan yr test. (a question that has appeared in lot of previous question papers. the phrasing is wrong here. but the same)
29. As a test manager - test skill set relates question.
30. question each on configuration management / Change Management / Version Control.

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